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Lend-A-Hand: The Lend-A-Hand for Education is a joint project between the Valley and Sunrise Rotary Clubs. There are a number of website and social media things that are happening related to this project. The Valley club has a Lend-A-Hand page. If you click on the link, it will take you to a SingUpGenious website where you can donate to a specific grant.

11 teacher interview videos have been done so far, and are hosted on  a newly created Petaluma Sunrise Rotary YouTube page.
If you got to this link, you can copy the video URL (address) and enter it into your Social Media pages. In addition, Frank has put together a ​GoFundMe​ page where people can donate to a teacher, school, or a general Lend-A-Hand fund.

Background​: The Lend-A-Hand for Petaluma Educators has been going on for 17 years. In the past, the Valley and Sunrise Rotary Clubs and Donors have raised enough funds to provide up to $250 to every teacher who entered a request. Dave Hansen has been doing a fantastic job putting the grant data together. Members of the Valley Club have done a great job collecting and disbursing the funds.

Due to Covid, neither Rotary clubs has the funds to cover all of the requests. That is why we are doing something different this year. We want to provide for all of the requested grants.

More Lend a Hand Links:   Petaluma 360 Article

Mother’s Day Tea:  Every year our Rotary club partners with Petaluma People Services to put on a Mother’s Day Tea for older women who do not have local family to help them celebrate the day.  This complimentary service makes a big impact on these women.  When the corona virus pandemic hit, we got creative and delivered Mother’s Day Tea in a gift bag.  We were able to deliver to 90 moms in Petaluma in 2020.  The feedback we got was great and warmed the hearts of all of our volunteers!

Literacy Project (AKA Dictionary Project):  We help teachers inspire children to read.  The three Rotary clubs in Petaluma combine efforts to provide every third grade student in Petaluma with their very own book.  While we call it a children’s dictionary, it is much more than that.  With many encyclopedia elements and pictures these books have something to inspire every student to read!

Lend a Hand to Teachers:  Lack of funds in our schools threatens the quality of education that we provide to our children.  The three Rotary clubs in Petaluma come together each year providing grants up to $250 each to Petaluma teachers.  These grants are used to fund science projects, labs, field trips and more.  To-date this project has funded over $20,000 in grant requests and made a real difference in our schools.

5th Tuesday Project:  The East Side Food Pantry was an interfaith coalition of four churches that provided food to local families in need.  Each church provided food on one Tuesday per month.  Four months per year there are five Tuesdays and some churches do not have the funding to provide food for these families twice in a  month.  So, The Rotary Club of Petaluma Sunrise stepped in to provide the needed food those four Fridays per year.  This event provided healthy meals to over 1,450 people in over 450 households in 2018 and 2019.  This program has since been folded into the Salvation Army food pantry program which is currently serving 350+ families per week.

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