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School Project – Dominican Republic:  The community of La Jagua, in the Altamira district of The Dominican Republic, had one fairly run-down school with only one classroom serving 230 students.  Our club led a project that took from 2007 to 2010 to complete. With $50,000 and lots of local volunteer help we added 4 classrooms and a library / computer center to this school.  Today this added capacity not only enhances education for children, but also serves as an adult educational facility and a community center.

Water / Sanitation – Dominican Republic:  The Altamira region of the Dominican Republic has had a significant challenge providing clean and sanitary water to its people.  Imagine trying to wash your hands in water polluted with sewage.  Since 2012 our club has contributed $15,000 and coordinated with “Project Las Americas” to provide clean water and sanitation to this region.  Through this project we have helped to build water sanitization systems, hand washing stations and flushing toilets at schools.  With the infrastructure built, the local community is able to maintain these systems.

Empowering Young Girls – Dominican Republic:  Rotary International has found that empowering young women is crucial when trying to elevate the well being of communities in developing countries.  Culturally, in The Dominican Republic, girls have not been encouraged to stay in school and have a lack of female role models.  Also, there is a lack of education and supplies to deal with menstruation which leads to a negative stigma and girls dropping out of school when they reach puberty.

The New Horizons Project is a team of university level women in the community who act as big sisters and mentors to elementary level school girls.  Our club has also contributed $6,000 to-date to augment these efforts and hire a tutor at Juan Bosch Elementary School.

The Primavera Project was created to help eliminate the stigma of menstruation so that girls will stay in school through puberty.  We have contributed an initial $5,000 for feminine hygiene supplies and training so that these girls will have the confidence to continue their education.  Our intent is to continue growing this program

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